Kirk Overbey, Professional Registered Parliamentarian

  Parliamentarian Services   Meetings Facilitator   Organization Consultant


specializing in . . .

        School Boards
        Corporate Boards
        Association Boards

        Association Conventions
        Stockholder's Meetings

including . . .

serving as meeting Parliamentarian
      serving as Professional Presider
      interpreting Bylaws & Rules

providing . . .

      constructive debate
      instruction & training
      conflict resolution
      writing opinions
      expert witness

"Better procedure leads

    to more order.

More order means

    less confusion,
    less discussion, 

    and more output."

are the Owner's Manual

     for an organization.

               Are yours user friendly?

Agendas are the Game Plan

     for a meeting.

               Are yours effective and executable?

I want to help your organization succeed!

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