Kirk Overbey, Professional Registered Parliamentarian

  Parliamentarian Services   Meetings Facilitator   Organization Consultant

Workshops and Presentations


  Effective Meetings (a one hour presentation for boards):
      2015:   Texas Healthcare Trustees, Las Comadres, Austin Board of Realtors, State Ass'n of Fire & Emergency Districts
      2014:   Texas Healthcare Trustees, CMP Management, Las Comadres, Austin Board of Realtors, State Ass'n of Fire & Emergency

      2013:   Texas Medical Ass'n, Las Comadres, Texas Ass'n of Appraisal Districts, Austin Board of Realtors
      2012:   Texas American College of Physicians, Nurse Practicioners Leadership Conference, Las Comadres, Texas Ass'n of
                   Appraisal Districts

      2011:   Las Comadres, Texas Society of Ass'n Executives, Austin Employee's Retirement System Board, 
                   Austin Institute for Real Estate Management, Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying,
                   Texas Ass'n of Appraisal Districts, Texas Board of Nursing
      2010:   Las Comadres

  The Art of Presiding     Texas PTA Summer Leadership Conference, 2014.
  It's About Time, Using Special Orders     TSAP Convention, 2014.
  Parliamentary Deja Vu, The Renewal of Motions     NAP Convention, Portland, 2013.
  Teaching Parliamentary Procedure 
    TSAP Convention, 2013.
  Meeting and Session     NAP National Training Conference, Scottsdale, 2012
ng Better Bylaws, Interpretation, and Pitfalls to Avoid     Oklahoma State Ass'n of Parliamentarians, 2011
  The Power of One        Michigan State Ass'n of Parliamentarians, 2011
  Procedure for Electronic Meetings       Dallas Tri-Unit Symposium, 2011
  The Humor of Parliamentary Procedure     TSAP Convention, 2011 (with Dennis Clark)
  The Scepter, Mace & Gavel: Symbols of Order      NAP District 6 Conference, 2009 & San Antonio Unit, 2007 
  The Performing Art of Parliamentary Procedure    
NAP National Training Conference, Virginia Beach, 2008
  Common Mistakes in Parliamentary Procedure     TSAP Institute, 2008
  What Motion is Your Parachute?         TSAP Convention, 2006
  Drilling with the General          TSAP Institute, Austin, 2006
  Public Boards                TSAP Institute, Austin, January, 2004
  Unfinished Business     San Antonio Unit meeting, 2003
  Let’s Get Organized      TSAP Convention, 2002
  Electronic Meetings      TSAP Institute, Austin, 2002

Spreading The Word Around Texas (SWAT) Workshops:
   2015:   Bryan/College Station (with Kay Crews & Martha Haun)
   2014:   Huntsville (with Lucy Anderson, Dennis Clark, & Kay Crews), Round Rock (with Dennis Clark)
   2010:   Corpus Christi (with Lucy Anderson, Dennis Clark & Richard Hayes)
   2009:   Galveston (with Lucy Anderson & Dennis Clark)
                Harlingen (with Lucy Anderson, Dennis Clark & Richard Hayes)

          Youth Activities:

Youth Workshops:
   San Saba High School, FCCLA Chapter, 2011
   Hutto High School, regional FCCLA, 2011
   Texas State University, Interfraternity Council, 2011
   Moody High School, HOSA & Student Council, 2011
   DeBakey High School, regional BPA/FCCLA/HOSA, 2010  (with Dennis Clark & Martha Haun)
   Byron Nelson High School, regional BPA/FCCLA/HOSA, 2010  (with Richard Hayes)
   Hargrave High School, regional BPA/FCCLA/HOSA, 2009  (with Dennis Clark & Lucy Anderson)
   Hightower High School, regional FBLA, 2008

National Judging: 
   SkillsUSA - Kansas City, 2013
   FBLA - San Antonio, 2012
   FCCLA - Anaheim, 2011, 2014
HOSA - Anaheim, 2011

State Judging:
   BPA - Austin, 2009, Houston, 2013, Houston, 2014
   FBLA - Houston, 2012, & Corpus Christi, 2014
   FCCLA - Corpus Christi, 2009, Dallas, 2010, & Dallas, 2013
   HOSA - McAllen, 2009
   SkillsUSA - Corpus Christi, 2010-2014   (with James Stubblefield & Megan Montez)

Regional Judging:
   FCCLA - Region 4, Galveston, 2009; & Region 2, Waco, 2013
   HOSA - Austin, 2012-2015; Burnet, 2010; Dallas, 2009, 2014; & Kingwood, 2009


    Assisting Special Needs in the Assembly
    Parliamentary Procedure for Persons with Disabilities and the Elderly

    The first book of its kind, addressing the interaction of persons with disabilities
    in the deliberative assembly. 

    I am a principal author.

     Parliamentary Exercises
    The drills of Henry M. Robert

    edited by Kirk Overbey

    Originally published in 1921 as part of the book "Parliamentary Practice,"
    the seven drills have been updated.

    Take advantage of the work of the master himself and learn how to preside effectively
    with all the motions.   Practice these drills and you will be confident and prepared.

    Excellent for use with youth competition preparation (FBLA, BPA, SkillsUSA, FCCLA, HOSA)
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